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September 21-22

Virtual Event

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International Air Safety Summit 2021

IASS Theme: Safety Leadership

The 2021 International Air Safety Summit will explore the need for effective safety leadership. Leaders have a vital role to play when it comes to managing safety. Their involvement is key to safety cultures. While commitment to safety and operational integrity begins with management, management alone cannot drive the entire culture. For a culture of safety to flourish, it must be embedded throughout the organization — and that is why safety leadership matters.  A safety culture can’t sustain itself without great safety leaders.

What is IASS?

Held annually since 1947, the Flight Safety Foundation’s International Air Safety Summit is aviation’s premier safety summit, drawing as many as 325 representatives from 50 plus countries to exchange information and propose new directions for further risk reductions. The summit covers safety, training, practical solutions, management, human factors and other issues for scheduled airlines, manufacturers and equipment suppliers, trainers, flight crews, maintenance personnel and industry executives.

Who Attends IASS?

Air Safety Managers
Air Accident Investigators
Aviation Directors
Aviation Psychologists
Deputy Directors for Safety
Chief Investigators
Chief Executive Officers
Chief Commercial Officers
Chief Operating Officers
Chief Engineers, Aviation System Safety
Chief Pilots
Chief Safety Officers
Corporate Safety and Risk Managers
Deputy Heads of Flight Safety
Directors of Flight Operations

Directors of Air Operations Assurance
Director Generals
Directors of Ground Safety
Directors of Safety and Compliance
Directors of Safety Analysis and Protection
Directors of Air Navigation Bureau
Executive Vice President for Safety & Security
First Officers
Fleet Safety Captains/Managers
General Managers for Safety Management
Heads of Aviation Safety
Heads of Cockpit Crew Training
Operations Managers
Professors of Aeronautics

Safety Directors/Managers
Safety Chiefs
Safety Investigations Officers
Senior Managers, Flight Safety and Investigations
Senior Vice Presidents, Flight/Safety
Senior Vice Presidents, Corporate Safety & Quality
Senior Vice President Regulatory & Training
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Corporate Safety
SMS Managers
Technical Directors
Training Captains
Vice Presidents, Corporate Safety
Vice President, Crew Training
Vice-President, Engineering/Product Integrity
Vice President, Flight Operations/Safety
Vice President, Safety, Security & Compliance